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Risk reveal

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The content of this website is only for qualified investors who have the corresponding risk identification and affordability for investment risks. Shanghai Dingfeng Asset Management Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “the company”) has sought the objective and fairness of the contents of this website. Any information, pictures, information views, conclusions, and suggestions are for reference only and do not represent any kind of definitive judgment. Dingfeng Assets does not warrant the accuracy and completeness of this information, nor does it guarantee that the information contained therein will not be changed. It does not constitute any investment operation advice for any person. It does not constitute any sales invitation. Investment is risky. Please exercise caution. operating. The company now reveals the major risks that may be faced with the investment (specifically, the contents of the fund contract and risk disclosure agreement signed by the investor and the company shall prevail). This risk disclosure is only a brief enumeration. Related risks include: Not limited to the following:
1. The Company manages and utilizes fund assets in accordance with the principles of due diligence, good faith, and prudence and diligence. However, it does not guarantee that the principal of the subscription funds in the fund assets will not be lost nor will certain profits and minimum returns be guaranteed. The risk arising from the management and use of the fund's assets by the company in accordance with the fund contract shall be borne by the fund's property and investors. Investors should be fully aware of the risks associated with investment operations, and their risks should be borne by investors.
2. The company may entrust agencies that have obtained the fund sales business qualifications registered with the China Securities Regulatory Commission and have become members of the China Fund Industry Association (hereinafter referred to as agency agencies) to raise funds. The agency may have illegally promoted fund products and false promotion funds. The risks of the product and the incentive of investors to purchase fund products to protect the profits of the Fund cause the legal rights of fund investors to be damaged. The Company entrusts the outsourcing service providers with the operation services such as fund share registration and valuation accounting. Due to service risks, technical system failures, and operational errors, the company may cause errors in the fund's service items and bring risks to the fund operations.
3. During the life of the fund, investors may face liquidity risks arising from the withdrawal of funds. In the absence of liquidity in the market or individual stocks, the company may not be able to adjust its investment plans quickly and cost-effectively, thereby adversely affecting the fund's revenue. When the fund share holder proposes to increase or decrease the fund's assets, there may be a risk of cash shortage and the risk of a decrease in the yield brought by excess cash.
4. The volatility caused by the price of the stock market due to various factors will expose the fund's assets to potential risks. In the actual operation process, the company may be limited to knowledge, technology, experience and other factors and influence its judgment on relevant information, economic situation and the trend of securities prices. The performance of selected investment products may not continue to outperform other investments. Variety.
5. The tax collection and management laws and regulations applicable to the contractual funds may change due to the adjustment of the country's relevant taxation policies. Investors' income may also be affected by the adjustment of relevant tax policies. In addition, the emergence of force majeure factors such as financial market crisis, legal policy risk, technical risk and operational risk, war, and natural disasters will seriously affect the operation of the securities market and may result in the loss of fund assets.
Private equity fund products include, but are not limited to, some of the risks listed above. The Company strictly follows the requirements of private equity fund raising laws and regulations to conduct external fundraising work. Investors who subscribe to the private equity fund products issued by the company are required to perform qualified investor identification procedures. The risk survey questionnaires, risk disclosure books, QF commitment documents and other documents will be signed and will be available after the investment cooling-off period and confirmation of return visits are completed. The company once again reminded the majority of investors to be vigilant and not to be taken in. In case of cheating, please report to the local public security authorities in a timely manner.