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(3) Without the written permission, any individual or organization may not use the same or similar trademark as the registered trademark of the company on the same or similar goods, or damage the legitimate rights and interests of the company. Once the related infringement is discovered, the company will Take legal responsibility.
(4) The company hereby declares that any other agency or individual fraudulently using the name of the company or adopting a company website similar to the company's name, etc., to falsely publicize financial management projects and collect funds from investors is not relevant to the company. The company will severely investigate and investigate its legal responsibilities in violation of the legitimate rights and interests of the company.
(5) The company's full name is Shanghai Dingfeng Asset Management Co., Ltd., the company's only official website is, the national customer service phone number is 400-609-0088, and the administrative office number is 021-58310331. 021-61050802, investors are reminded to remember carefully.