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Announcement on the Special Redemption Open Day of Ding Feng Development 17 Securities Investment Funds

Release time:
Fund share holders:
The Dingfeng Growth Securities Investment Fund was established on April 7, 2015 by a contractual private equity fund managed by our company and GF Securities Co., Ltd.
According to the fund contract agreement, the asset allocation day of the fund is April 6, 2016 (this asset allocation is only applicable to Class B and C shares, and Class A shares have no effect), and asset allocation and accrual performance is completed on the asset allocation day. After remuneration, Class B shares and Class C shares are converted into Class A shares according to the net value of Class A share after the asset is allocated. After the conversion, they become general managed funds and no longer operate in stages. The specific allocation method shall be subject to the provisions of the fund contract.
April 7th, 2016 is the special redemption opening day for the Fund. All fund share holders can redeem the fund shares through the GF Securities Investment Agency counter system during the working hours of the current day (9:00-15:00). The operation method consults GF Securities.
On April 15, 2016, the open day of Class A shares of the Fund will remain unchanged.
Hereby explain
Special Note: Due to the difference between the Open Day (April 7, 2016) and the Asset Allocation Day (April 6, 2016) of 1 natural day, affected by the fund assets custody fees, outsourced service fees, and fund assets income, the original If the Class B share holder chooses to redeem on April 7, the redemption amount will deviate slightly from the principal amount.
Ningbo Ding Feng Haichuan Investment Management Center (limited partnership)
March 22, 2016