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About the Notice to Investors to Prevent Fraud Information

Release time:
Dear investors,
Recently, the company has received reports from investors that some lawbreakers have fraudulently used the name of the company to collect fees from investors for the purpose of recommending stocks and conduct fraudulent activities. In order to prevent these frauds and effectively protect your financial safety, the company solemnly reminds you:
First, do not rely on such fraudulent use of the company's name to provide stock recommendation information, the company has never engaged in the above behavior through SMS, QQ, WeChat and other methods, and any fees collected from investors.
Second, the company strictly in accordance with relevant state laws and regulations and related regulations to carry out business activities, there is no use, commissioned or authorized personal bank account to collect any fees. The
3. Any other institution or individual that fraudulently uses the company's name to collect fees shall have nothing to do with the company. The company will severely investigate and investigate its legal responsibilities in violation of the legitimate rights and interests of the company. Remind all investors to be vigilant and never be fooled. In case of cheating, please report to the local public security organ in a timely manner.
Shanghai Dingfeng Asset Management Co., Ltd.
 June 2, 2016