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Announcement on Changes in Controlling Shareholders and Equity Relationships of Shanghai Dingfeng Asset Management Co., Ltd.

Release time:
The controlling shareholder of Shanghai Dingfeng Asset Management Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) was changed from Shanghai Dingshi Investment Management Co., Ltd. to Ningbo Dingfeng Baifu Investment Management Center (Limited Partnership), and completed the related business on July 6, 2017. Registration of changes was filed. Business licenses for corporate entities were also updated on July 6, 2017.
Changes in the controlling shareholder and equity of this time will not affect the actual controller relationship. And will not have a major impact on the company's normal operations.
After the change of controlling shareholder and equity relationship of the company, the company will further standardize and improve the governance structure of the company's legal person, improve overall operational efficiency and improve management capabilities. At the same time, the controlling shareholder and actual controller of the company will strictly abide by the "Articles of Association" and related regulations and fulfill corresponding obligations. After the change of the actual controller, the company still has an independent operating capability and maintains its independence in terms of assets, personnel, finance, organization and business.
Special announcement.
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