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About us


Core Team


Tian Chao


• First to use our information advantage

• The second is to use our analytical strengths

• The third is to give play to our behavioral advantage

We are actually doing 3 things

He holds a master's degree in communications engineering from Shanghai University and 10 years of investment experience in the securities industry. He joined Dingfeng Assets in 2010.

Adhering to superb stock selection is an absolute believer. Strive to find a company with double the price rise of three times in three years. He has been engaged in research and investment in emerging industries for a long period of time. He is good at digging high barriers and has high-growth companies with obvious industrial advantages. He has in-depth and unique insights into investment in growth stocks. The main investment areas include: pharmaceuticals and medical care, new energy vehicles, electronic components, semiconductors, communications, the Internet, media, computer hardware and software, and consumer services, and other industries, have a deep understanding of the industry development and industrial changes in emerging industries, have a stable Growth stock investment system.


Tian Chao(Fund Manager, Deputy Director of                     Investment)


Stock selection system


The market corresponds to some features of matching macro, capital, and risk preferences at regular intervals. Since the fourth quarter of 2016, the market has attached particular importance to deterministic gains. From the results, large stocks or blue chip stocks have large market value, and their volatility in business models and profitability is relatively small. It seems more reliable to obtain a deterministic return. The blue chip stocks that have not been noticed before have performed better due to the reduction of investors' expected return rate.

He joined Ding Feng Assets in 2010 and has served as a researcher, fund manager and director of industry research for TMT. The current Ding Feng Asset Fund Manager and Deputy Director of Investment.
Mr. Tian Chao has long been engaged in research and investment in emerging industries and is familiar with various TMT industries such as electronic semiconductors, communications technology, advertising media, the Internet, and computer hardware and software industries. He has a deep understanding of the emerging industry's industry development and industrial changes, and is good at tapping high-speed growth companies and has in-depth insights into the growth stock investment.


Mr. Tian Chao has a stable investment system for growth stocks, which is suitable for all types of market styles. The investment style advocates super growth, superb stock pickers and absolute earners.

In the direction of investment, we are looking for industrial trends from the bottom up and looking for the leading companies in this industry from bottom to center. Through the mutual recognition between the industry and the company, our investment industry trend is bound to have a very A strong investment research system is used as a support, and we have formed a complete investment and research system from discovery to research to tracking and judgment. The beginning is how a monthly input mechanism can enter our exercise. To do in-depth research, how to closely track, and ultimately make judgments in making investment decisions.


Investment philosophy and style

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