Guidelines for investors to query product information on wechat

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2020-11-08 00:00

Dear investors,

In order to facilitate investors to inquire product information and check daily product announcements and monthly/quarterly/annual information reports, our company has specially opened a wechat service number "Dingfeng Asset Customer Service number" for information disclosure to investors, and the original wechat subscription number "Dingfeng Asset" is only used to publish Dingfeng weekly reports. Please note that it is not used to release announcements related to product investors.

Specific operations are as follows:

Wechat search the public account "Dingfeng asset customer service number" or search the wechat signal "shdfzcfwh", follow and "click to enter the public account";

  1. Or scan the QR code below, follow and "click to enter the public number.”
  2. Select "Fortune Departure -- Ding Feng query/Haichuan query", enter the ID number after entering the page and log in with ID card information as the initial password;
  3. If you encounter problems in the inquiry, you can contact our staff at 400-609-0088 to deal with it.

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