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Continue to trade in a tight range

This week, the market is mainly volatile, some indexes at the beginning of the week slightly adjusted new lows, and then slowly recovered. It is worth noting that the turnover has declined significantly, indicating that investors' enthusiasm for participation has declined, which is easy to form a narrow volatility trend in the short term. Shanghai Stock Exchange Index (0.13%), Shanghai Stock Exchange 50 (-1.07%), China Stock Exchange 500 (0.13%), chinext Composite Index (0.05%).


Opportunity to observe wholeness

The market fell continuously in the week before the holiday, and most indexes basically reversed the recent rebound. Shanghai Stock Exchange Index (-2.3%), Shanghai Stock Exchange 50 (-3.15%), China Stock Exchange 500 (-2.56%), chinext Composite Index (-2.74%). Most of the indices are located below key loci and are also at risk of breaking again. The amount can be even. During the holiday, the overseas situation was more volatile, and overseas markets fell by a large margin, especially the Hong Kong stock market fell sharply, and investors had a more obvious exit sentiment.


The index outperformed market expectations

This week, the market is mainly shaken, and the style of large and small stocks shows a seesaw effect, but the overall trend in the past two weeks is stronger than expected, the Shanghai Index has not broken, other indexes have not continued to fall after breaking, and the small-cap index has risen to the breaking point. The Kechuang 50 index is still the strongest, not only hitting a new high this year, but also breaking through the stage high point in October last year, and has reached a new six-month high.


Increased short-term volatility

The RRR cut at the beginning of this week did not drive the market, but there were still ChatGPT and artificial intelligence events in the middle of the week to stimulate, in the already crowded state of funds, it still further spread to the pan-technology sector, and led the small and medium-sized board index to rise strongly.


Although the RRR cut exceeds expectations, it is not appropriate to have too high expectations for its boost, and the overall pattern is weak shock

This week, the market is slightly divided, the weighted Shanghai index stabilized sideways, the small and medium-sized board index is still falling, which is related to the limited funds on the floor and the transfer to large-market stocks.


The economy will recover, but the path will be complex and tortuous

This week, the market continued to adjust, in addition to the Shanghai index, most indexes also fell below the previous consolidation range or the downward breakthrough after the moving average bond, the weakness is full.


Although the short-term upward momentum is insufficient, it can maintain volatility

This week's leading and high-frequency economic indicators showed a good recovery trend, the main board index continued to rise; At the same time, the economic recovery has also led to tightening expectations, and the small and mid-cap index, which is more closely related to liquidity, is weak.


Markets could still be volatile

This week, the market rebound mainly, the second half of the week fell, the second half of the continuous net outflow or adjustment of the main reason.


The epidemic that has the greatest impact on foreign investment, real estate is still improving, and the exchange rate has declined but not by much

The market rose and then fell this week, except for the growth enterprise market, which led the rise this year, fell sharply for two consecutive days, and most indexes remained in the concussion range after the Spring Festival. However, the market is more frightened than the index itself, which also shows that the market has been accustomed to the early rise of the rhythm of the market is too high.


It is expected that the market will still be strong and volatile, until the economic advance data at the end of the month is further clear

This week, the market shook up, but the hot spots were diverse, the sentiment of some sectors was high, and the number of stocks that hit a new high in a year also increased sharply.


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